Alltrna is the world’s first tRNA platform company to decipher tRNA biology and pioneer tRNA therapeutics to treat thousands of diseases.

Transfer RNA (tRNA) is the molecule that matches the genetic code to the correct amino acid and transfers it onto the growing polypeptide chain — it is impossible to make proteins without it. Yet its significance has been completely overlooked. Beyond properly positioning amino acids in the final protein product, tRNA is involved in an entire biological framework for coordinating multicellular life. By controlling tRNA, we can regulate the protein universe and resolve disease.

tRNA decodes mRNA and transfers the appropriate amino acid to the growing amino polypeptide chain.

tRNAs play a central role in the translation of mRNA into proteins. Their stable structure, vast sequence diversity, and varied modification patterns make them natural drugs. Furthermore, tRNA biology modulates the complex code of DNA and RNA across translation and transcription. Alltrna has an unprecedented opportunity to advance a single tRNA medicine to restore disrupted protein production, regardless of target, for thousands of diseases with the same underlying genetic mutation. 

tRNA is the most modified RNA and its fragments are functional units

We have successfully applied machine learning to reveal the unique language of tRNA biology. This language is larger than the number of atoms in the universe and turns powerful biology into programmable medicines. Our first-in-field platform integrates learnings across tRNA biology and the modality space — to unlock tRNA’s full therapeutic potential and design tRNA oligos with desired therapeutic properties. 

The DNA sequence of tRNA informs its structure. Chemical modifications of the tRNA further impacts its interactions and therapeutic properties. With machine learning tools, we explore the entire universe of tRNA sequences and modifications to exquisitely design optimized tRNA molecules as new targeted therapeutics.

Once we design tRNA molecules, we test for desired features with fully automated, high-throughput proprietary in vitro assays, followed by confirmation in animal models. Here we examine the impact of sequence, structure, and modifications on desired therapeutic features, feeding info back into tRNA molecule design.

All data are digitized and fully integrated into Alltrna’s platform, powered by machine learning tools. With this digital backbone, Alltrna generates better predictions for designing tRNA molecules and learns how tRNAs control the protein universe -- to ultimately advance a completely new therapeutic framework.

A number of diseases, rare and common, stem from the same nonsense mutation, where the code for an amino acid has been mutated into a stop” codon. This results in a truncated or shortened protein product that causes disease. Alltrna has designed tRNAs that can specifically read these stop codons and deliver the desired amino acid, thereby restoring the production of the full-length protein. Alltrna has an unprecedented opportunity to develop a single tRNA medicine that has the potential to treat thousands of diseases that share the same genetic mutation.

Alltrna tRNA can read premature stop codons – no matter where the mutation occurs or what disease it causes.

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